Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spook spotlight: Meet Resurrection Mary

Legend has it that there's a hitchhiking ghost that haunts the south side. Actually, it's no legend--it's fact, and she's narrowed her territory exclusively to Sproat Avenue. Meet Resurrection Mary, the jilted corpse bride who never got to say "I do," so instead her motto is "I boo." She's got eyes as bright as the flames of hell and a dress to die for. Stare at her too long and you're bound to get a stiff neck (she likes to float around up near the trees).
  • Favorite haunts: Archer Avenue, The Willowbrook Ballroom, your car’s passenger seat (eventually)
  • Nickname: The hitch-hiking hussy
  • Favorite movies: “Runaway Bride,” “My Big Fat Cemetery Wedding”