Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spook spotlight: Meet Hannibal Lecter

Let's face it: The specter of Lecter is one horrible sight. Consider that this cad is capable of removing a man's face and wearing it on his own--and then eating it for dessert if he so pleases. Such is the life of a madman cannibal. Hannibal the horrible has been hanging around Leatherface's refrigerator for longer than we can remember (actually, since 2008, but who's counting). If you're smart, you won't trade any recipes with him or ask to borrow any sugar.

What's not to love about Mr. Lecter? Ponder this:
  • Dirty little secret: Likes asking people to pull his finger after he’s eaten liver and fava beans
  • Little known fact: Prefers Members Only straight jackets
  • Biggest pet peeve: Vegetarian cookbooks