Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Last chance to enter our video contest

Here's your final chance to enter the Spirits on Sproat video contest. Please post videos of your 2021 visit to Spirits on Sproat, to Facebook, Tik-Tok, Twitter, or another social media platform (using the hashtag #spiritsonsproat) by no later than noon Central time tomorrow, Oct. 28. We will choose the best video and contact the winner by late tomorrow; the winner will get 2 free VIP tickets to Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn (a $90 value), and must pick up and use the tickets Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. May the best video win. Good luck!

P.S.--We need to be able to find/discover the video, which means it has to be tagged via #spiritsonsproat. It's easiest for us to find your videos if you post directly to our Facebook page ( 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Spirits on Sproat now open nightly through Halloween

Beginning tonight, Friday, October 22, your favorite Halloween house will be open every night for the next 10 days – through Halloween (October 31). For our full schedule, click here. Make your plans for a final visit (or two) to Spirits on Sproat before our 2021 season draws to a close. And don't forget to post videos of your visit to Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or Twitter using the hashtag #spiritsonsproat

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Reminder: We need you to post videos of your Spirits on Sproat visit

If you plan to visit Spirits on Sproat soon, or have recently stopped by our haunt, we encourage you to take videos recorded during your visit and upload them to your favorite social media platform. So far, only two people have uploaded videos of their visit, and we could use a lot more to share with our followers and friends.

To make things simpler for you, we're now easing the rules of our Facebook video contest, which awards 2 VIP tickets to Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn. Henceforth, our contest is no longer limited to Facebook video postings. You can submit your Spirits on Sproat videos to other popular social media platforms, including Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We simply ask you to tag your video using the hashtag #spiritsonsproat, which allows us to more easily find your posted videos. We're also extending our video posting deadline to October 28, 2021. We will review all videos posted through that date using the #spiritsonsproat hashtag, pick the best one, notify the winner, and give them 2 VIP Midnight Terror tickets (a $90 value).

Please post your recorded videos on your favorite social media platform soon so that you meet the contest deadline. Good luck, and happy Halloween season!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Meet Phantasm Phil

You don't stand a ghost of a chance against Phantasm Phil. That's because he's committed to haunting over the long-haul and has a seemingly unlimited supply of ectoplasm. Call Ghostbusters if you want, but they're unlikely to corral this transparent terror. Eager to learn more? Read on.
  • Secret shame: Was once spooked by Casper
  • Personal heroes: Lord of the Nazgul, the Dementors, Rudy Giuliani
  • Voted in high school: Best school spirit, most likely to disappear after graduation

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Meet The Jester

Some people call him the space cowboy. Some call him the gangster of love. Others simply call him The Jester, and he's bursting at the seams with grating quips and nefarious clownishness. Here's the 411 on this cartoonish character:
  • Nickname: Two-face
  • Little-known fact: Once sued the Joker for copyright infringement
  • Famous for: Failing to make 15 consecutive kings laugh even once Weapons of choice: Bad puns, rotten rhymes, irritating voice

Friday, October 15, 2021

Meet Corpse Bride

Some people would practically kill to get hitched. Others would die of embarrassment if no one showed up to their wedding. And then there are unfortunate matrimonial wannabes like Corpse Bride, who plans to spend a honeymoon in Hades, minus her beau, who prefers a spouse with a marriage certificate, not a death certificate. Want to know more about Corpse Bride? Consider the following:
  • Dirty little secret: Jilted at the altar by five fianc├ęs in a row
  • Nickname: Queen goth
  • Archenemy: Divorce lawyers everywhere
  • Sick of the preacher saying: Till death do you part

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Meet Jack 'n the Box

Life is full of surprises, and the same is true of Jack ’n the Box, who likes to pop up on his victims, young and old. You can put a spring in his step by listening to his maniacal laughter. Want to know more about our newest clown? Read on:
  • Favorite pastime: Reading children’s pop-up books
  • Favorite season: Spring time
  • Secret shame: Fired on The Apprentice for having hands much larger than Donald Trump
  • Notorious for: Trying to eat Rudolph on the Island of Misfit Toys

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Meet Crouchy the clown

When you're 10 feet tall, chances are you're going to have to bend down a bit to effectively scare mere mortals. Such is true of Crouchy the clown, who delights in mortifying visitors at Spirits on Sproat with his hip-swiveling monster motion. More fun facts about Crouchy: 
  • Alias: The 10-foot terror
  • Favorite song: Chubby Checker’s The Twist
  • Known for: His killer smile and swiveling hips
  • Little-known fact: Can contort a child into a balloon animal in under five seconds

Monday, October 11, 2021

Meet Slithers

Vermin don't come more king-size than Slithers, a cobra with a whopper of a bite and a mesmerizingly glowing pair of peepers. Here are more fascinating facts about this supersized serpent:
  • Alias: Fang face, snake charmer
  • Favorite TV show: Cobra Kai
  • Personal heroes: Kaa, Medusa, Nagini, Snake Plissken, Roger Stone
  • Archenemies: St. Patrick, the mongoose, antivenom, Joe Exotic (the Tiger King)

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Enter the 2021 Spirits on Sproat Facebook video contest

Here's another great reason to visit Spirits on Sproat this year: You can win two VIP admission tickets to Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn--a $90 value and a great opportunity to experience Chicagoland's best commercial haunted attraction without having to wait in a long line!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Take video during your 2021 visit to Spirits on Sproat. 
  2. Post it to our Facebook page (at by October 24. (We'd also love for you to share photos taken during your visit, so post those, too.) 
  3. Like us on Facebook.
  4. Share your posted video on your own Facebook timeline. Make sure the post is public.
We'll judge the best video and award the winner the two tickets, which they can pick up from Michael Myers himself between October 26 and Halloween night.

A few tips on taking and submitting videos:
  • We prefer horizontal video over vertical video (it fills up and looks better on the screen)
  • We especially love footage of our live scarers (like Michael Myers and Jason) creeping up and scaring people.
  • Please aim for a reasonable video length; not too short (at least 30 seconds) or too long (not longer than 3 minutes) please.
  • Do not post video recorded in past years. Only post fresh video recorded this October, please.
  • We will contact the chosen winner privately via Facebook around October 25 to arrange pickup of the tickets. Prepare to show a valid ID when you pick up the tickets.
Good luck, and happy Halloween season!

Meet Rockin' Granny

Ever get nostalgic about being a wee one and being coddled to sleep by grandma singing a lullabye? One look at Rockin' Granny will usurp that recollection and leave your skin crawling. Here's the lowdown on Rockin' Granny:
  • Babysitting fee: four crow feathers, two eyes of newt, one mortgaged soul
  • Secret shame: Put a hex on Simon Cowell after a failed American Idol audition in 2008
  • Favorite bedtime story to read: The Babadook