Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spook spotlight: Meet Poltergeist Pete

Ever been annoyed by a guy who just won't stop hanging around? Poltergeist Pete puts the "noose" in "nuisance" and is the ultimate pest above the rest. Why? Just get a glimpse at that face, for starters. It's enough to strip the finish off your car's clearcoat. And those claws, boy is he overdue for a manicure. Still, this fearsome fiend is not without his charms. He can dunk better than any center in the game today, and his nail clippings make great sun visors.

Here's more about ole' Pete:
  • Nickname: “Coulter-geist,” for his uncanny resemblance to toxic political pundit Ann Coulter
  • Also known as: Tinkerbell from hell
  • Little known fact: Despite the tatters, never leaves the house without a clean pair of underwear