Monday, October 24, 2011

Spook spotlight: Meet the Headless Horseman

Spooky Hollow may be his old stomping grounds, but the horrible headless Hessian of author Washington Irving's imagination has established a new address the past few years: the front lawn of our house! Dare to walk past on a dark October night and you'll undoubtedly see him in all his tomahawk-wielding glory. Be careful not to trip on any wayward decapitated heads as you walk past his shadow, however.

Here's more facts about the Headless Horseman:
  • Sick of hearing his wife say: If your head was screwed on, you’d lose that, too
  • Secret shame: Lives in Tarrytown because he can’t afford Sleepy Hollow taxes
  • Little known fact: Once bowled a perfect game using Ichabod’s head as a ball