Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spook spotlight: Meet the Phantom of the Opera

When he's not busy singing in the shower to an aria from "La Traviata," this denizen of the lower depths enjoys offing Lyric Opera season ticket holder in fiendishly creative ways. Like the time the Phantom perched in the rafters and festooned a fat man in the first row with a whale harpoon. Or when he weakened the stage floorboards so that Madame Butterfly's understudy would fall to her doom.

Eric the opera ghost may be flush with pride over his cultured pedigree and ear for music, but there are some things he would be embarrassed for you to know about, such as:
  • Secret shame: Owns Yanni’s first five albums
  • Once saw: Pavarotti consume two live pigs and a calf after performing in Madame Butterfly
  • Little known fact: Gets three Botox facial injections a week