Meet our monsters

Spirits on Sproat showcases all the famous horror characters you know and love from films, TV, literature, mythology, and local legends. When you visit our display, be sure to look for (click on any name below for photos and descriptions):
 The Bride of Frankenstein
 Jason Vorhees (from "Friday the 13th")
 Leatherface (from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre")
 Darth Vader
 Babyface (from "Happy Death Day")
 Freddy Krueger
 The Soul Collector (he's wearing chains)
 Zeke the Zombie (living dead with hair)
 The Green Ghoul (tall and green-faced)
 Norman Bates (cross-dresser)
 Mrs. Bates (Norman's elderly mother)
 The Wolf Man (werewolf)
 Rosemary and her baby (in a carriage)
 The Angel of Death (hanging above garage)
 Annabelle (doll from "The Conjuring")
 Ghostface (from the Scream movies)
 Mr. Hyde (carries a cane)
 Svengoolie (TV horror host)
 Maleficent (from "Sleeping Beauty")
 Samara (from "The Ring"; coming out of TV)
 The Phantom of the Opera (playing pipe organ)
 Wizzo the Clown (clown with polka dots)
 Stabby Stu (our smallest clown)
 Carol Ann (girl from "Poltergeist")
 Hannibal Lecter (in a straightjacket)
 Regan (girl from "The Exorcist")
 The Headless Horseman
 Nosferatu (bald vampire)
 Pinhead (from "Hellraiser")
 Slimer (from "Ghostbusters")
 Resurrection Mary (floating up in a dress)
 Carrie White (a bloody prom dress)
 The Crypt Keeper (reads comic books)
 Zed the Zombie (living dead minus the hair)
 Bride of Dracula (resting close to her hubby)
 Evil Ash (chainsaw for a hand)
 The Slender Man (our tallest monster)
 The Invisible Man (wearing sunglasses)
 The Blue Phantom (has a blue face)
 Iggy Vicious (plays guitar)
 The Nun (from the "Conjuring" movies)
 Jack Torrance (from "The Shining" holding axe)
 Medusa (snakes in her hair)
 The Fly (insect head)
 The Mad Scientist (and his experiment on table)
 Jaws (shark)
 Shelob (giant spider)
 Jigsaw (puppet from "Saw")
 The Grim Reaper (on front lawn)
 Sam (small fry from "Trick 'r Treat")
 The Bride of Chucky
 Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas)
 Pennywise (the evil clown from the "It" 1990 miniseries)

 Pennywise (the evil clown from the "It" 2017 movie)
 Vincent Price (holding a torch)

 Fluffy the Crate Monster (from "Creepshow")
 Slappy (the ventriloquist dummy)
 The Wicked Witch of the West (from "Wizard of Oz")
 Jack Skellington (from "Nightmare Before Christmas")
 The Witch from Snow White (offering apples)
 The flying monkey (from "Wizard of Oz")
 Rockin' Granny (old woman in rocking chair)
 Corpse Bride (standing woman holding black flowers)
  The Jester (pulling a mask away from his face)
  Crouchy the clown (our tallest clown)
 Beatrix and Blair (witch  sisters stirring a black cauldron)
 Jack 'n the Box (giant clown inside a box)
 Phantasm Phil (giant white ghost)
 Slithers (giant snake)

We appreciate your donations while visiting our haunt -- your generosity keeps Spirits on Sproat alive (and undead!)