Saturday, October 7, 2023

Meet Slasher Van Hellin

Now that the Grateful Dead are long gone, where can Deadheads turn for musical entertainment? The Reapers, of course! The Reapers are a ragtag punk-metal band of skeleton musicians with an all-star axe man plucking the power chords. His name is Slasher Van Hellin, and here's the lowdown on this ace guitarist:

  • Known for: Tombstone guitar, mohawk, mausoleum breath
  • Musician idols: The Misfits, Naked Raygun, The Grateful Dead
  • Pet peeve: Crowds who yell “Freebird”
  • Favorite expressions: “Gabba gabba hey,” and “Slag off, wankers!”
  • Dirty little secret: Hasn’t showered since the 2019 reunion tour