Sunday, October 8, 2023

Meet Rigger Mortus

Ever since he was knee-high to a cadaver, Rigger Mortus has always wanted to front a punk metal band. He got his wish years ago when The Reapers handed him microphone duties, and this red-robed rogue hasn't looked back since. While he tends to speak his doom-laden lyrics more than sing them, you can't deny Rigger's awesome stage presence. Bet you didn't know these tidbits about Mr. Mortus:

  • Famous for: Fronting the band The Reapers, his red robe, singing at Queen Elizabeth II’s eulogy
  • Favorite Reapers song: Viva Godda Crimson Sabbatica 
  • Secret wish: The Plaster Casters were still around so he could outdo Hendrix
  • Voted in high school: Most likely to open a funeral home