Saturday, October 12, 2013

Come play 2 fun new games at Spirits on Sproat

Come visit Spirits on Sproat this year and play two new fun scavenger hunt games designed for young and old!

First, as you probably know, each monster in our display has its own sign with interesting (and comedic) trivia. But instead of placing a sign in front of the monster it identifies, this year we've displayed the signs randomly in the front row. So you have to find the monster that matches his or her sign. There's at least 40 signs--are you up to the chilling challenge?

Next, solve the following riddles below by finding the monsters in our display that:
1. Have only 1 eye to see through
2. Have only 8 fingers to strangle you
3. Are holding knives
4. Are wearing ties
5. Are wearing hats
6. Can change into bats
7. Live in the water
8. Are someone’s daughter

(For the answers, see the paper below the big pumpkin on our front porch.)