Sunday, October 8, 2017

Spook spotlight: Scarycrow

Most farmer's scarecrows are the cute and cuddly type, with a patchwork quilt face and a stitched-on grin of friendliness. But this maize mannequin is monstrously morose if not downright zombiefied. Crows and humans alike – you've been warned. Here are more fun facts about Scarycrow:
  • Sick of: The dry cleaner’s excuse for why the bird dropping stains can’t come out
  • Catch-phrase: “That’s the last straw”
  • Little-known fact: Auditioned for “The Wizard of Oz,” but lost the part after changing the lyrics to “If I Could Only Eat Some Brains”
  • Known for: Corny jokes, stuffing himself at mealtime, always picking the short straw