Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spook spotlight: Norman Bates

Here's a Norman who's far from normal. I mean, just look at the getup. And that wig. And that cleaver. He's about to shower you with attention of the terrifying kind. Still don't recognize him? If you haven't seen the greatest horror movie ever made, "Psycho," then Norman Bates may not be a household name in your mental Rolodex. But it should be. Get cultured up – without getting cut up – by seeing the classic film posthaste. Meanwhile, study up on what makes Norman tick:

Favorite holiday: Mother’s Day
Pet peeve: Motel guests who leave soap scum on the shower walls
Little-known fact: Gets his hair done at the beauty parlor on senior discount Thursdays
Title of his autobiography: It’s a Wonderful Knife